A book-worthy accomplishment

Congratulations to a good friend of mine, Bridget Dewyze, who recently self-published her first children’s book, A Special Gift for Thomas—hopefully there are more to come! Written and illustrated by Bridget, the book is a labour of love dedicated to her daughter, Marijke (cool Dutch name meaning “baby much wished for”). She’s also got some of the book illustrations (cute and colourful watercolour paintings) professionally copied and framed and they can be found hanging at the new ‘new and used’ bookstore, Roxanne Reads. I still have to make it out there myself to check them out along with the bookstore itself.

A Special Gift for Thomas cover

A Special Gift for Thomas cover


2 Responses to A book-worthy accomplishment

  1. Joan Seto says:

    Wow, that’s great!!!!! I’ve always wanted to illustrate and write a children’s book, maybe even a series based on the ups & downs of life with my sister in our early childhood years in Canada. That will definitely become one of my life goals.

    Thanks, Serena for putting this dream of mine in the forefront. It’s so nice to have a bunch of creative friends, on-line and in person to keep my dreams alive. I’m still waiting in great anticpation to see the release of the Monkey King book!

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