Friday feel-good coffee

It’s amazing how a nice, unassuming gesture can totally make your day.

Went to one of my regular Timothy’s this morning (on Bay, south of Manulife Centre) to get my usual Noisette (mmmmmm!) coffee and as I went to pay for it, was told by the friendly guy behind the counter that if I could answer their “trivia question of the day” correctly, my coffee would be free.

I believe that most Timothy’s partake in this daily trivia question where a free coffee is awarded to the first 10 people who answer the question correctly.

So I  guessed, got it right and ta-da, java on the house! I was thrilled (it’s the little things, right?) and what a great way to start the day. Thanks coffee dude!

Oh, in case you’re wondering, the question was: Name the main ingredient that was used in making the first sandwich for the Earl of Sandwich.

Answer: Roast beef


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