Weezie’s, please

I was lucky enough to get treated to another nice dinner at Weezie’s this weekend. Located on the King East strip (354 King Street East, Toronto), it’s a relaxed, comfortable spot where you’ll find cool, friendly folk like chef/owner Constance Guitard and her lone waiter, Peter.

We enjoyed the lamb sausage appetizer, arugula salad with sorano ham, and for our mains we had the papardelle pasta and the arctic char with roasted beets/fingerling potatoes. Oh, and can’t forget to mention the delicious profiteroles for dessert at the end — I literally tilted the plate to finish off the melted ice cream and chocolate sauce.

One word pretty much sums it all up: YUM.


Navel Candy Illustration

Navel Candy Illustration


One Response to Weezie’s, please

  1. Ginyak says:

    I witnessed the plate tipping…Pretty much the whole restaurant stopped to turn and look while Serena remained cooly oblivious to the attention and focused instead on consuming any remaining sauce from the plate.

    An awesome and inspiring display of self indulgence. (or the plate was simply blocking her vision)

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