A bumpy ride and sushi sketching

So this is my first CSOTD (creative something of the day) that I hand-drew in one of my many sketchbooks — all of the others below have been hand-drawn as well but using my Wacom tablet and Mac. I was around and about the city for most of the afternoon today and I managed to do this drawing while riding on the Yonge subway line. I did half of it going north and finished it on the south-bound trip back. The roughest patch of rail seemed to be between Eglinton and Davisville.

When I have time, I’m going to re-do this drawing using my tablet and Mac and will add some colour too.

Who knew that a big bowl of udon noodles could serve as a hot tub for sushi dudes? Ok, now I’m hungry! (Oh, for an inexpensive yet yummy Japanese food experience, check out Sushi Inn located in Yorkville — seaweed udon or cucumber/avocado rolls with tempura bits, please!)

Savvy Sushi Illustration

Savvy Sushi Illustration


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