Painful then, painful now

So what does the Mini Wheats cereal character have in common with a trumpet-playing banana (I know, sounds like the start of a really bad joke)? Well, come hither, watch/listen, wince and find out:

Apparently this Agadoo song by Black Lace hit the number 2 spot in the UK singles chart way back in 1984 (sorry, no memory of it whatsoever for me but I’m not exactly a music connoisseur either).

In any case, not sure which version of the song I find more annoying …

Today’s CSOTD (reflection of the economy these days?) — my background graph could use some work but running a little late in posting this so:

Deficit Sleep Illustration

Deficit Sleep Illustration


One Response to Painful then, painful now

  1. […] and share alike My sister Emily and I have discovered that we could easily split a box of Mini Wheats since she prefers those cereal pieces with tonnes of icing on them and I like the ones with just a […]

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