Twisted trees and creepy clowns

My photo below doesn’t do it real justice but there is a really beautiful tree standing on campus near where I live. I first noticed its crazy, twisting branches in the winter and regret not having taken a photo of it then when they were frosted with snow.

Crooked Beauty

Crooked Beauty

It’s quite magnificent and always makes me smile when I walk by it — totally reminds me of a character out of or Pan’s Labyrinth or Lord of the Rings.

Today’s CSOTD: The colours were meant to represent the dreams brewing out of his head but I think he looks like one of those wigged clowns that are more scary/creepy than funny (oh let’s face it, clowns are just scary/creepy, period).

Dream Percolator Illustration

Dream Percolator Illustration

One Response to Twisted trees and creepy clowns

  1. mchen says:

    Aw, he’s cute!!! And very cool tree.
    Funny you should mention creepy clowns, since I just saw one the other day. I went to the Sens game, and he was standing against a wall facing people as they came up the stairs. His make-up was all cakey and uneven — very creepy. I actually almost let out a low shriek when I spotted him, but kept it together. Brrrr.

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