Sock thievery

While at the gym today with a friend, I found out that I’m not the only one who has had their socks stolen from the change room. This has apparently happened to her too — twice! While voicing her disbelief of the situation during the second incident, she met two other members who complained of missing foot garb as well. Looks like you can’t leave your socks stuffed in your shoes/boots when you go for your workout. (In my case, I had stuffed my sports socks in my runners after working out and found them gone when I came back from the shower.)

I suppose if someone is in THAT much need of socks, they’re more than welcome to take mine (although I’m still amazed that my socks were actually appealing as they were pretty sweaty and stinky)!

Not sure if it was all the fabulous meals that I got fed this long weekend but I came up with two CSOTD (Creative Something of the Day)’s today — whoohoo!

Banana Tentacles I

Banana Tentacles I Illustration

Banana Tentacles II Illustration

Banana Tentacles II Illustration


One Response to Sock thievery

  1. mchen says:

    So… if an octopus were made of bananas, would you eat it THEN? Or does the seafood element override the fruit? Very cute 🙂

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