Big on the Bi Bim Bap

Looking for a meal that’s delicious, relatively nutritious and cheap? Check out Jinmirak‘s dol sot bi bim bap, a large stuff-your-stomach-full bowl of rice, a variety of veggies, meat and an egg still cooking on top (sometimes the egg is already fried). The descriptive “dol sot” means “stone pot” so the dish is served in a really hot stone bowl where you can still hear the food sizzling away as they bring it to your table. One recommendation: let the bowl sit for a few minutes before mixing it all up — lets the rice cook a bit more so that it ends up with a yummy, crispy edge to it! Mmmmmm … can you tell I’ve had my share of bowls for practice?

Was glad to see this favourite dish of mine make it into a “Toronto’s cheap eats” article recently — yep, this appetite-satisfying meal costs less than $10 plus they include a bunch of small free appetizers.

And as it turns out, the Creative Something of the Day is quite appropriate since it’s all about food today:

Spaghettini Weenie

Spaghettini Weenie


2 Responses to Big on the Bi Bim Bap

  1. mchen says:

    Ok. Can you please take me to have bbb the next time I visit? I STILL have never tried it. Gah!

    Cute weenie 🙂 ha ha

  2. serenadraws says:

    yep, bbb on me the next time you cruise into town – that and gelato! mmmmmm …

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