From the mouths of babes

My friend has been tracking some of the fun and funny sayings that her two kids have come up with since they’ve been able to talk (“R” is now 6 and “T” is 8 years old). I’ve had a good guffaw over them and thought I’d share some here that she’s recorded over the years:

  • After T’s first full day of school, my friend asked him: “Did you have a good day?”; T’s answer: “Excellent! I had 3 recesses and a nap!”
  • Running around in his snowsuit and enjoying the noise the fabric makes, R exclaimed: “I have sounds in my snowsuits!!”
  • T thinks “seaweed” is a very funny word because it sounds like the sea did a wee.
  • Seeing ducks/seagulls on Lake Ontario, R cries out: “Look! Floating chickens!”
  • T quote: “I can spell OWL: “OW” spells bandaid and “WOOL” (“wul”) spells sheep.”
  • When R found red flannel in the strips in my friend’s sewing basket, he asked: “Mum! Did you cut up Santa Claus?”

More to share later!

In the meantime, here’s today’s CSOTD:

Ocean Motion

Ocean Motion


One Response to From the mouths of babes

  1. mchen says:

    Oh my god, these are PRICELESS!!! I love them all, hilarious. The Mom of one of my friends once pulled out a sheet of stuff she’d recorded from his childhood, and one of them was “I don’t want to be a bat for Halloween because I’ll scare myself”. Oh man, thanks for the laugh. I really like the Ocean Motion too!

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