Hey Mr. Postman

The other day, I received a hand-written letter from a friend who just wanted to say hello and wish me a belated happy birthday (she also included a very cute ladybug tea towel which I now have hanging in my kitchen). This friend and I used to trade “fun mail” (as we like to call it) much more in the past and when I received her little package, it made me realize how little it takes to make someone’s day. Don’t get me wrong, email and phone calls are great too but I think there’s something extra special about receiving something via snail mail — it’s definitely inspired me to do some sending of my own soon!

Speaking of which, here’s another CSOTD (Creative Something of the Day) I wanted to share:

Snail Mail

Snail Mail


3 Responses to Hey Mr. Postman

  1. Ginyak says:

    Nice. I really like the line quality of this one, it really seems to suit your subject matter well.

    Good job!

  2. Dana Vitelli says:

    I so agree. I am constantly writing, it seems, thank you notes and I won’t stop. If someone took the time to do something for me, I must take/find the few minutes to let them know how much I appreciate it. It’s always a pleasure receiving something other than a bill by snail mail.

  3. […] me a letter I recently blogged about how writing/sending letters seems to be a lost art form and something to be really appreciated and celebrated when it happens. If you’re planning on […]

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