Marrying fruit and beer

I am not what you would call a true beer drinker. I’m more likely to sneak sips out of friends’ glasses or “split” a drink — yes, I actually tried to share a half pint before with someone (sad, I know).

If anything, I’ve taken a real liking to a few fruit beers out there (yes, I can see some of you true beer drinkers out there just cringing). Favourites include Früli’s strawberry beer and Chapeau Exotic’s pineapple flavour, which I just discovered yesterday.

Fruity Beer Goodness

Fruity Beer Goodness

Now it’s just waiting for the summer weather to hit so that I can enjoy a couple of these on a sunny deck or patio with good eats and company!

In the meantime, here’s my CSOTD (Creative Something of the Day):

Flipper Flap

Flipper Flap

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