Chocolate and minty goodness

The other day, I was lucky enough to be treated to a scoop of one of my favourite ice cream flavours: Baskin Robbins‘ Mint Chocolate Chip (mmmmm …). It gets a bit expensive to always be going out for an ice cream so I was pretty thrilled when a friend of mine, who shares the same passion for this flavour, told me about Chapman’s Mint Chip ice cream:

Chapman's Mint Chip ice cream

I have to say that it’s a pretty good substitute for the “real thing” — even better, so much easier on the wallet! Definitely worth a try if you’re also a fan of this chocolate-y-mint-y combo.

Here’s my CSOTD (Creative Something of the Day) — not my best work admittedly — need more hours in the day!

Leaf Link

Leaf Link


One Response to Chocolate and minty goodness

  1. the2scoops says:

    I’m forever hooked on Ben & Jerry’s Mint Cookie ice cream, but only because I haven’t been to Greg’s Ice Cream on Bloor yet

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