Cheeky fruit

I want to thank my CCS (Collaborative Creative Someone) for providing me with today’s (well, and everyday’s) words for my CSOTD (Creative Something of the Day) as well as for these fun photos:

Cherry en pointe

Cherry en pointe

Cherry Bum

Cherry Bum

And here is my CSOTD:

Gap Toothed

Gap Toothed


3 Responses to Cheeky fruit

  1. ginyak says:

    Cherry…Cherry Blossom!
    Someone please find and post a link to the lyrics of that 70’s commercial for this ALL CANADIAN sugary syrupy sweet cherry treat before the ear worm that memory hatched eats through my brain!

  2. mchen says:

    Hey… I just saw this now! I’m kinda amazed you didn’t make the CSOTD a rabbit flossing with jumprope, HA HA HA!!!! Super cute, and I love the cherry bum too. You two are hilarious.

  3. serenadraws says:

    mchen – i LOVE that idea … hmmm, i may have to draw that “just cuz” – ha ha 🙂

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